labfolder at Horizons 2012

Last week, the labfolder team presented its electronic lab notebook at this year’s Horizons 2012 in Molecular Biology Conference in Göttingen. Since many years, the Horizons Meeting has established itself as one of the leading conferences for young scientists in the field of Life Sciences. We were invited to the career fair, which precedes the event since a few years now. Here, we gave an introduction to labfolder: Who we are, how we came up with the idea to develop a digital notebook, the founding story alongside vision and mission of labfolder. Since the release of our alpha-version, we also had the opportunity to introduce labfolder to a range of individual scientists who are interesting for us as early adopters. We also spent a few words about our experience as a young start-up and about what we think is important to know for scientists who want to start their own business.

labfolder took part at the Horizons 2012 Career Fair, presenting its digital lab notebook .

labfolder presents the digital lab notebook at the Horizons 2012 Career Fair.

Horizons 2012, a meet-up for innovative start-ups

 While  meeting a lot of people at Horizons 2012 who were interested in both our electronic lab notebook and the idea behind, we were astonished on how many of them were actually interested in either founding their own company or joining a start-up. We were not the only start-up at the Horizons 2012 symposium: The Munich-based company Chromotek, who specializes in products based on camelid antibodies, gave a talk just after we introduced our lab notebook. Since Chromotek has proven successful in business for some years now, they have veined a lot of experiences that we are still working to collect. Good for the audience: Their views on a later stage funding and managing of a start-up complemented our presentation about the very early stage of our digital lab notebook nicely and gave the audience a thorough overview about challenges and opportunities of small start-up companies.

labfolder at Horizons 2012 – a successful conference!

The series of lectures and events that followed from Tuesday to Thursday demonstrated what the Horizons 2012 Conference is known for: An overview of cutting-edge research with a well-selected list of international speakers. A student conference will be attractive to speakers who normally do not like to go to conferences, an organizer explained: Being invited to a conference in your own field may happen just for political reasons. The invitation to a student conference such as Horizons 2012, however, happens only if you are really good and renowned in your field. This makes it easy for the Horizons 2012 Conference to attract speakers. The scientific program has been as excellent as the years before.

Once again we would like to congratulate the organizers of the Horizons 2012 Meeting to their successful meeting! Thank you very much for the invitation and the opportunity to present our electronic lab notebook – we are looking forward to many more great Horizons Symposia in the future.


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