Lab book make-over: Update on projects & folders

The digital lab book labfolder is getting a make-over! Step-by-step we are improving features and functions for you. In order to make the lab book more user-friendly and efficient for your research, we’ve been working hard on including all your valuable feedback. Maybe you’ve already noticed the small changes in the new version?

A new version of labfolder, the digital lab book, is available now!

The new version of labfolder, the digital lab book, helps you to do better research!

A New Look: Improved features and functions for the lab book

More organization, less effort: The update helps you to manage your data more effectively and makes it also a lot easier to collaborate and share your research with colleagues. At a glance, the new lab book now allows you to:

  • create folders and subfolders to organize your research notes
  • group projects in folders, subfolders and so on
  • rename projects and folders
  • sort projects and folders (this feature will be extended to some more sorting and filtering options in the future)

In addition, the user interface got a fresh look – what do you think of the new lab book design? Please use the new and fancy purple Feedback-button on the left to submitt your ideas!


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