labfolder proudly presents: The beta version of our digital labbook!

With today’s launch of the new beta-version of our electronic labbook, labfolder not only comes with a completely reshaped website, but also with many more functions. Selected content can now be shared with colleagues and other scientists globally. Reusable templates and group functionalities are all at your service, making the labbook a more user-friendly management tool for your research.

With the release of the beta-version, the digital labbook now offers a better file structure alongside group and template functions.

The new beta-version of the digital labbook offers group and template functions.

Digital labbook now with group projects

Collaboration is important in science, and with labfolder, we wanted to create a digital labbook that facilitates collaboration. However, to collaborate in research does not necessarily mean to share everything with everyone. Therefore, our basic concept of collaboration in labfolder is to contribute something. In labfolder, you contribute entries to a group project or you contribute a protocol template to the template section of a group. Your contribution – or authorship – is clearly displayed and by default, can only be edited by the author.

Smart template functions for your labbook

Research is called research because you re-do everything. Therefore, we implemented templates. You can use the new template section to store all you favorite protocols. With one click on the “add template” button in your lab notebook, you can add a template protocol to your project and edit it, if necessary. Last but not least we shaped up our file structure a bit – now the labbook allows subfolders that help you keep all your data organized!

More features to come

Thanks to the extensive feedback we got from our users! Because of all the ideas we received, there are still a lot of features and fixes in our development pipeline. Within the next weeks, we will shape up the collaboration features bit by bit and we will also improve the general labbook features. The next big thing will probably be our first mobile app of the digital labbook which will also be released within the next weeks. Stay tuned and don’t hesitate to comment here on our blog! We thank all our users for the great ideas and the valuable feedback we got so far!


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