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Science Year 2014 – “The Digital Society”

Just in case you haven’t noticed - Science Year 2014 is all about "The Digital Society,” with all featured events...

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labfolder heartbleed

Heartbleed – Safe at heart

The Heartbleed Bug shakes the foundation of internet security. Fortunately labfolder has always been safe and our users are therefore not affected...

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Sharing is caring – Why data sharing is beneficial for Science

Most people would probably agree without hesitation that data sharing and the communication of scientific findings, technical expertise and knowledge...

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1st Science Hack Day in Berlin!

Science Hack Day brings together designers, developers, scientists, and other geeks in the same physical space for a brief but...

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Scientific research has changed: How Science Goes Right

Science appears in public media headlines mostly when new breakthroughs have been achieved or when experts share their knowledge on...

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A whistle whirls the cloud storage

What does the whistleblower tell us about cloud storage of scientific data? Scientific cloud storage services offer a range of...

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