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We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings, and since then we’ve had the pleasure of meeting a number of interesting and fascinating start-ups in the industry. In a new project on our blog, we will post articles on some of these enterprises, outlining the service or product they provide. The first post is about shyftplan, a great start-up from Berlin that delivers a fantastic online shift scheduling service for the biotech and related industries.


Organization meets modernity with shyftplan

In Germany, documenting research isn’t the only time-consuming task that comes with an experiment. Despite the benefits of teamwork in the lab, managing a team of researchers can be very complicated. Records of working hours, personnel data, monthly payrolls, the list goes on… Aside from research, lab work can easily become as complicated as running a business. To get around these management challenges, our friends over at shyftplan have come up with a novel solution. The online shift-scheduling tool can handle project management, regardless of size or the number of employees or administrative staff.

Same beginnings, same aim

Just like us here at labfolder, John Nitschke and Jan-Martin Josten started their project in 2012 at Freie Universität Berlin. We realized that not only did we start in the same place, we had the same goal: paperless organisation using professional software. Both services can be used together to realize the digital laboratory and to ensure seamless communication between researchers. So instead of workspaces littered with shift schedules, overloaded personnel files and holiday requests, shyftplan digitises it all to make sure the lab is used what it’s designed for – research.

Everything at once – everywhere

shyftplan – Dienstplan, Zeiterfassung und Lohnabrechnung aus einer Hand – their slogan sums them up perfectly, in English meaning “Shift schedule, time tracking and payroll from a single source”. Paper-based scheduling is a thing of the past. Instead, the shyftplan cloud offers flexible planning, taking all individual requirements into account.

What this means is no long-term arrangements, instead, staff can review, alter and accept working hours on the spot. Any discrepancies in the planning process can be easily seen by all employees, meaning they can also be solved just as easily. The messaging service allows fast communication, meaning no more annoying phone calls or countless e-mails. Employees can see how their shifts are affected and if so, receive notifications of any changes.

Simple yet smart

Like labfolder, shyftplan adapts to projects and businesses, regardless of size. No contracts and completely free, shyftplan simplifies micromanagement from the start. Using the time clock and one-click payroll, time-tracking becomes manageable once again. Real-time data overview, data exports and the all-important search option satisfy the needs of the taxman. In conclusion, internal administration just got a whole lot easier.

Digital, mobile and modern, shyftplan is the perfect partner for labfolder, working together towards the laboratory of the future.


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