alpha-release of the electronic laboratory notebook

Today, labfolder releases the alpha version of its electronic lab notebook. Inspired by the dilemma of paper-based scientific data management, the idea behind labfolder was based on moving the classical lab notebook to a digital platform. Et voila – after months of hard work, the alpha version is now ready to be used by a limited number of test users.

Your feedback helps to improve the electronic lab notebook!

Submit your ideas and help improving the electronic lab notebook!

The advantages of a digital lab notebook

In contrast to handwritten recordings and research notes, data in a digital format has many advantages: For example, a digital lab notebook allows for an easy organization and effortless data management – with all research items neatly compiled in one place, accessible anytime and anywhere. Piles of paper and scattered notes are history! Free your data from paper and try our digital version today!

Test the digital lab notebook for free

The alpha-prototype is available to a limited number of test users, willing not only to use the next generation of lab notebooks, but also highly enthusiastic to actively participate in developing the electronic version even further. In the near future, we would like to implement more functions and features to our scientific data management platform that will accelerate your research experiment. Want to be amongst the first users of our electronic lab notebook? You can now sign up at and try the basic functionalities: Project-wise documentation, organization and management of text, images and other file formats, all in a safe environment which gives you maximum intellectual property protection.

Sign up now for the electronic lab notebook

Besides, alpha users are highly encouraged to not only test our lab software, but also to give us feedback. What features do you need to do better research? Is there any function we should add to our electronic lab notebook, so that you can better tackle the daily challenges in your laboratory? After all labfolder is here to simplify research and create a better working environment for scientists. In order to boost the research experience, we need your help to implement the features you need to work digitally with your data! Join now and get one of the limited alpha slots to test our electronic lab notebook! Register today at for a free account.


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